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The map style

The map style is a modified version of Computerteddys typ- and stylefiles.

Garden with parking area At the airport Bridges over the water on the bottom left

The following modifications were made:

● Freeway: changed color from blue to orange
● Forest: from HC-MAP.TYP with brighter colors (inclusive night view) and adjusted trees
● Yellow layer with new label: Sand
● Cemetery: Crosses are next to each other and grey color
● Removed transparency from all waters to prevent the waves from turning to other colors
● Blue color for swimming baths
● Changed style of parking area
● Renaming some labels
● Added new POIs from mapnik.TYP: windmill and wind turbine and removed "yellow star"
● Removed POI surveillance camera
● Removed power lines

Hospital Crossing Zoomed out

Note: Most labels in the map are in german language.